I’m sorry you had to grow up living in a body you can’t call home. I’m sorry it’s so hard to change your home into one you are proud of.

I’m sorry they make you feel like a fraud exactly when you’re trying to be more genuine with yourself.

I’m sorry people give you a hard time because you feel happier with the right pronouns. Seriously world, it’s not that hard to just voice a different f***ing pronoun.

I’m sorry for the people you open up to that ask about your genitals, as if somehow you being open means you now want a complete lack of privacy, too. They’re called private parts for a reason!

I’m sorry others out you without your permission, as if it’s what’s in between your legs is something to shout out to others.

I’m sorry there has to be a debate on which bathroom you can go to, that’s just stupid.

I’m sorry if they call you a liar, when really they’re forcing you to lie out of fear.

I’m sorry people always ask you for your “real name”, you should play it out like a super secret spy.

I’m sorry that when you do choose to live openly, you’re automatically given the role of an advocate, as if the right of being comfortable in your body is not something natural, but something you must fight for.

I’m sorry I may never meet you because we live in a society where you are forced to hide and be extra-careful and not praised for the courage you have to make the best life for yourself.

Most of all, I’m sorry they keep talking about your gender, as if the world is otherwise perfectly fine and nothing else needs our voice and attention.

You, my friend, are much more that these people will ever be! You are a monument of courage, power and endurance.  We, those who hate calling you transgender, as if we would call somebody transnose or transhaircolor or transbreastsize, we see how ridiculous it is that’s it’s so acceptable for people to change everything about they bodies, but it’s too much of a stretch to change a body in it’s entirety. We are here. And we are the ones who will educate our children, and soon, our children will not have to go through what you had to.

You are a warrior.


From https://tgmentalhealth.com: In all stages, transgender can feel “isolation, hiding and secrets, which can lead to depression and anxiety.  Transgender adults are much more likely to have suicidal thoughts, with 50% of adults reporting some suicidal ideation.  There seem to be two paths that people take early on: either one tries to hide their inner feeling of being the wrong sex and “passes” for what looks like a boy or girl, or one is incapable of hiding and presents as either a tom-boyish girl or a feminine boy.  Either path is fraught with problems for one’s emotional development.  The second scenario – of presenting as gender non-conforming is known to elicit harsh responses from society.


If this is your case please join a support system & start therapy. You fought so hard until now, you did not let your body define your gender; don’t let your gender trouble your emotional balance.

You can join our support groups mediated by moderators trained in psychotherapy: Support groups


If you are reading this and have ever done wrong to a person from the LGBTQ community, apologize using #LGBTQWorldApology


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    Deli November 25th, 2016 at 4:58 pm
    Yesss! More people need to talk about this!!!