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This section will provide the space for generously sharing ideas ranging from concepts related to treatment oriented research, to finding methods for helping those suffering from various physical or psychological illnesses.

This initiative is not an original one by any means, but we strongly believe that in order to significantly raise the chances of solving more of humanity’s troubles, we need to gather as many useful ideas as possible. Post-its get thrown in the trash, journals get lost among old belongings, while cell phone memos get easily erased. Nevertheless the ideas in this section are meant to be kept alive until the Internet’s very last breath, to be freely seen by anyone capable of bringing them to life.

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Mindfulness 101

The practice of becoming mindful of the way we live our lives is a habit professed by centuries, if not thousands of years. Recently, due to the incredibly fast paced development of technology, our increasing responsibilities and work schedules, alongside harboring habits of poor dietary choices and unhealthy lifestyle patterns in general, there has been an increasing interest in the benefits of practicing mindfulness and meditation.

Posted by OaRita

Monthly supported global research project

Using social media for promoting awareness concerning recent and future developments in the medical field. More and more people should educate themselves and be aware of the studies, research and trials being carried out on a daily basis.

Posted by Jane RF

Personal trainer fitness gadget

Creating a high-tech training assistant that helps out with your workout.

Posted by Christina Umbridge

Programmed medication delivery system

Design a scheduled system that can be operated by nurses and doctors in order to facilitate the administration of drugs in a hospital.

Posted by James McCoy

The nurturing ‘factories’

People of lower working classes or homeless people, in need of housing and employment, might benefit greatly if towns and larger cities would provide large scale buildings, in various neighborhoods, to accommodate both their housing and working needs.

Posted by OaRita

Weekly “life-classes”

Primary schools should offer children the possibility of acquiring “life-skills”.

Posted by OaRita

HIV virus in reverse

Genetically modifying and creating an inversed form of the HIV virus.

Posted by Christina Umbridge

Emergency meals

In case of travelling for long periods of time, with little opportunity for taking breaks, or in case of wandering through the wilderness, going on various expeditions, in order to avoid running out of food or having to resort to eating unsafe foods, people should be able to have access to a special kind of first-aid kits.

Posted by Mariah Jameson

Growing “replacement” organs

Growing organs from tissue that is harvested in the early years of life which can be used to replace the ones affected by various diseases or accidents.

Posted by Giulietta Nero

Future Idea

Ideas that are not born yet